We embrace the spirit of teamwork from diversified cultures by fostering a warm and friendly environment that focuses on “family” values that are based on mutual understanding, respect, and support. Values that are transformed into a genuinely personalized service for our guests, strong relationships with our partners, and long-standing involvement with our local community. 



Please send the application form along with your CV and Cover Letter to our Human Resources department at email: 


Those selected will be contacted for an interview. Unless your experience matches our job description, we will not confirm receipt of your application.




We believe that our shared values are the essence of our business and that the sum of those values is our single most important distinguishing characteristic. 



We believe in hospitality from the heart, by creating a bespoke atmosphere filled with soul and spirit through our unique relationship with guests and members of the Salinda Family that envelop heartiness, warmth, empathy, and smiles.



We believe that honesty, integrity, and fairness are the essential elements in leading sustainable and successful business. We uphold the highest standards of moral principles in all our dealings with the members of our family, guests, and other parties with whom we interact. 



We believe that mutual trust is fundamental for our team to have confidence in an equal opportunity, allowing us to unlock our potential to achieve the best results. We strive to lead by example, so our members can embody our values and support our vision. 



We believe that a truly strong team spirit lies in each of our individual’s commitment to bring their own unique talents to the benefit of our team and towards the achievement of our common goals. Only together, through mutual support and sharing, we are able to overcome any challenges lying ahead.



We believe that creativity is the driving force for our sustained success. We are building an environment with a diverse set of perspectives and experiences to nurture an open exchange of ideas, gathering, and implementing them to create innovative solutions for our growth.



We believe that our differences promote our unity and that all members of our family are to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of their roles or levels of responsibilities. We provide a welcoming and inclusive environment by promoting collaborative and civil relationships with our guests, business partners, and the local community.