Our Salinda Family has always believed that dreams can only be achieved if one puts their mind and body into it. As such, our sisters and brothers make sure that their minds and bodies are in harmony with nature, and that our practices lead us and the people around us towards a sustainable living. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to be consciously doing their part to ease the pressure on our Mother Earth.

Cocktails and smoothies are great companions on any relaxing beach trips. We wish to deliver those cold beverages to you while staying environmentally friendly by using acrylic, bamboo, and stainless-steel straws. These substitutes are completely recyclable and reused after thorough cleaning.

Our kraft paper pen is a perfect example of how eco-friendly stationery can be. The cap of our bio-degradable pens has a seed embedded in it that you can plant and grow into your own small hummingbird flower (Agastya) at home. 

The Salinda wooden key is a little trinket that unlocks the pathway to a sustainable world. We have become the first resort in Phu Quoc to introduce a plastic free and environmentally friendly replacement for key cards. Rest assured that while you’re enjoying a good night’s sleep, you’re giving nature a blissful snooze too!

The bright sun and warm days are certainly key players for beach destinations, but our resort aims to further benefit from this weather in a more sustainable and (mindful) way. A fraction of this energy which powers hotel’s water heaters (mainly for laundry) is generated from solar panels installed on top of our roof.

It’s important to stay hydrated during the hot tropical climate, which is why Salinda leaves complimentary water in your room every day. Your refreshing drink is served in customized glass bottles that are cleaned at our onsite water bottle plant and refilled with Alkaline mineral water with a balanced PH, according to safety and hygiene standards of local authorities. Since then we are saving around 2.8-3 tonnes of plastic waste and 1/3 of water usage on annual basis.

The amount of linen that are washed and dried at Salinda is aided by the green decisions of our guests. If you feel that your bed linen is dirty, the wooden card can be placed on your bed to get them replaced. As for the towels in the bathroom, they can be hung on the hooks if you wish to reuse them. 

In Salinda, even the darkest and dirtiest places can become pure and clean again. Thanks to our sewage purification treatment, the contaminated water can be thoroughly filtered and used for watering our gardens. This way, we save an extensive amount of water, while keeping our plants green and healthy! 

We pay attention to our products and materials even after the end of their useful lifespan. Some materials require special and careful disposal to avoid environmental damages and harm. All the potentially hazardous materials (e.g. batteries, ink, non-LED light bulbs, etc.) are disposed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner by outsourced specialized companies. 

By using locally made ceramic bathroom dispensers for our toiletries, we further diminish the threats to our environment. Our guests can help themselves to bamboo cups and toothbrushes, wooden combs and razors wrapped in soft recyclable paper packages after a luxurious shower time.

Any relaxing beach escape requires a perfect ocean soundtrack to accompany your favorite holiday read. Take your pick at our library (the Study) with shelves lined with donated books from our guests all over the world. Each time a book is read again it cuts down half of the environmental impact of producing a book. 

Fertilizer used for plants in the resort is composted from organic waste derived from food offcuts (e.g. fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, seafood shells and scales, etc.). This reduces the amount of waste disposed and upcycles those materials into a productive, environmentally beneficial product as well as improves the soil health. 

Salinda’s Organically Integrated Land (S.O.I.L) is a newly developed organic garden that uses our own homemade natural fertilizer. The garden brims with local herbs, fresh mushrooms, edible flowers and seasonal vegetables – all directed to our restaurant kitchens, bars, cooking classes and staff canteen, becoming a source of inspiration for new dishes.