Ever wonder why the color of Salinda’s name is purple? Besides the vibrant yet elegant color of summer sunsets, purple is the color of a sustainable economy - the bridge to promoting the cultural potential of goods and services. In Salinda, we believe that the community we live in is measured by the compassionate actions of its members, which is why our brothers and sisters have initiated Purple Purpose. We strive to help our local community, cherish our culture, and promote diversity on Phu Quoc Island.


The Hospitality industry is all about teamwork. But in Salinda, our team is our family; we work as a family, eat as a family, and have fun as a family! Many of our brothers and sisters were born and raised in Phu Quoc, and we cherish our community by providing jobs and shelter to island locals as well as people from all provinces throughout Vietnam. 

But Salinda resort doesn’t stop there! We believe that an international community is what truly unites us as a team. With people from different nationalities and backgrounds working with us, Salinda promotes cultural diversity and the idea that glocalization is the bridge towards a united world.


In Salinda, our brothers and sisters believe that family is important, but we also care for the community we live in. We wish to create an environment where you could feel comfortable inside and outside of our resort, which is why we make sure that our beach and the beaches around us are pristine clean. Our sisters and brothers bond with each other by cleaning up trash and waste around the neighborhood. 


Sometimes the rubbish we collect receives a creative second life, such as in last year’s large lobby Christmas tree, which was made entirely out of driftwood. But we don’t stop there! Each time we have guest volunteers who join us in the quest to stop land and water pollution from spoiling our beautiful island. Feel like joining our quest and making a change? Please contact Salinda Reception to check on the availability of beach clean-ups!


All the paintings exhibited within the hotel are created by local artists throughout Vietnam and supported by the Vietnam Fine Arts Association. Salinda Resort hosts the art gallery at the Mango Garden throughout December 2017, demonstrating the talents of local artists through their paintings depicting the life, traditions, and sceneries of Vietnam.

The Vietnamese community is filled with surprises; from the flavorful spices, we use in our cooking, the handmade souvenirs and clothes, to the vibrant paintings created by our local artists. Salinda wishes to ensure that those talents and passions don’t remain unnoticed by showcasing local products in our resort. The pathway our guests take every morning to reach our exquisite breakfast buffet is decorated with paintings by Vietnamese artists, featuring the country’s most breathtaking sceneries. Our guests are encouraged to support local talents by purchasing and giving their favorite paintings a home.

Handmade ceramics can be found in our guest rooms and various facilities, accompanied by carefully crafted lacquer paintings and plates. By collaborating with Mekong Quilts, a non-profit organization that creates sustainable employment for underprivileged women, Salinda is able to exhibit the true beauty and talents of Vietnamese artisans.

Inspired by the talents and stories of local artisans, we have dedicated ourselves to celebrate and uphold the finest traditions of Vietnam. We work in partnership with the local community by offering Vietnamese performers and dancers a chance to perform during our special events. For example, during Tet Holiday Season, we invited children from local schools under the coaching of a professional instructor to perform a famous traditional Lion Dance.