Before the inception of Salinda Resort, we knew that we wanted to create a hotel that breathes and operates in an eco-friendly way. Thanks to our team of dedicated architects and designers, we were able to build a resort that allows us to make great strides in sustainability, something that lies in our core values. Our mission has encouraged us to use as many biodegradable and renewable materials as possible in the construction of Salinda Resort. In February 2020, we received the Environment Management Certificate ISO 14001:2015 for incorporating environmental practices into our management system.

All of our outdoor architecture is made with Accoya wood - the world’s most sustainable and durable wood. The production of Accoya wood uses renewable resources and requires little energy which does not cause greenhouse gas emissions. The wood itself absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing its carbon footprint and remaining CO2 negative during its full life cycle. By using environmentally friendly materials in our design, the Salinda Family wishes to encourage the idea that hospitality can be durable, stylish, and sustainable at the same time.

Even in the darkest hours of the day, Salinda can bring light into your life with LED lights. Around 85 % of the source of light in the resort comes from these eco-friendly lights which are designed to cut 4 out of 5 parts of energy consumption as opposed to regular lights. The light bulb itself doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or materials and it doesn’t allow any heat loss into the atmosphere, which is why it won’t interrupt the cool summer breezes during warm Phu Quoc nights. The LED lights are completely made out of recyclable materials, so after its long and durable lifespan, it can be sent away, dismantled, and reused again. This way, there will always be light despite the darkness of the nights

Tired of dry skin, damaged hair, and red eyes? You can kiss those troubles goodbye with Salinda’s innovative salt filtered pool! Special salt-filtration technology of the pool purifies water by substituting traditional industrial chlorine with ionized one extracted from natural salts for a comfortable and healthy swimming experience. The pool leaves aside chlorine and other chemical products which are harmful to the environment, making it eco friendly and fun at the same time!

In Latin, Salinda means Moonlight, which is why our resort is designed in a way that always brings natural light inside our rooms. This natural light is carried through our Schueco windows - made by a company that believes in creating technology and systems that work in harmony with nature. All windows in Salinda resort, from our illuminated guest rooms to our bright restaurants, are produced entirely from recyclable materials. Schueco products are developed in a fashion that ensures that no waste accumulates or requires disposal in the future while creating durable and soundproof windows that do not cause noise pollution.

During any sunny beach vacations, sometimes you will feel like closing the windows and resting in the cool air of your room to chill down from the hot tropical weather. Salinda aims to provide this comfort to you whilst staying responsible for the environment. The Daikin air condition used in every room and restaurant has developed an eco-friendly technology which makes it more energy-efficient and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 32% while providing a precise temperature chosen by the guests.

All rocks are special, whether they are diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or even rocks that decorate the walls of Salinda! These Hoa Vang rocks - originally from mountains of Central Vietnam and carefully hand-carved in a famous craft village of Da Nang - are precious because they are 100% natural and their durability defies all the elements. But most importantly, the rocky walls absorb heat, which along with lush landscape adds to the cooling effect of the entire resort and creates Salinda’s very own microclimate.

Keeping our environment clean is important, and so is keeping our bodies clean! Salinda helps you go on with your daily shower routine whilst remaining sustainable and conserving water. The Hansgrohe mixers and showers are fitted with EcoSmart technology that requires up to 60% less water than conventional models without sacrificing effect or comfort. So now you can be squeaky clean and eco-green!

Phu Quoc’s beauty lies in its lush forests and untouched flora. Salinda makes sure to compliment that beauty with its own sweeping landscape, with 70 % of the resort’s land dedicated to plants and greenery. Around 100 types of trees and flowers surround the hotel, creating a home to native birds and butterflies while maintaining healthy soil ecosystems.

The tall palm trees in between Salinda’s infinity pool and the beaming ocean creates a filter which naturally removes salt from the air, making the summer breeze that passes through the resort fresh and clean. The mango garden fills Salinda with an enchanting allure that casts shadows across the flower-lined paths and cools down the hot tropical climate of the island.

But clean air and a nature-filled environment aren’t the only benefits we get from our ravishing landscape. During the harvesting season, our garden graciously offers us freshly harvested mangoes and banana hands that we use in our exceptional breakfast buffet.