July 27, 2019

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Asia One - Her World


Who says you have to travel far for a good holiday? Some of the most beautiful sites and relaxing destinations are only a few hours away.


Explore what South East Asia has to offer through these luxurious resorts and hotels that'll cater to your every need.


No matter if you're with your family or own your own, looking for something adventurous or just looking to relax - we have just the place.


A 5-star boutique resort, Salind Resort is dedicated to giving you a vacation you won't forget. Voted as one of the top luxury beach hotels in Vietnam, you'll only have the best there is. The resort is easily accessible as it's located near Ho Chi Minh airport and is the only luxury accommodation at Long Beach.


Choose between rooms that overlook the crystal blue sea or angled to get the perfect sunset, you'll have an amazing view of Vietnam even before leaving your room.


Salinda Resort is also famous for its Spa therapies and massages. What better way to wind down and loosen up with Thai spa treatments?


With treatments like the warm herbal compress or pearl massage, using Phu Quoc Island natural ingredients and ancient Thai wellness secrets, you'll be in the best shape you've ever been.