Salinda Resort – An unique experience.

Written by Elin Lannsjö – editor from Swedish Elle Decor Magazine

The night is calling and we are leaving the airport. We travel on narrow roads through the lush and green island of Phu Quoc on Vietnam’s southwest coast. After ten minutes, the taxi turn left from the main road and we have arrived to our destination.

Salinda Resort is a charming boutique hotel with a little more than a hundred rooms, an absolutely stunning garden, The Mango Garden, a beautiful spa, jungle pool area and a private strip of beautiful white sandy beach. Here, me and V will be staying for the next few days.

There is something that immediately hits me here. The friendly and attentive hospitality. The staff has a genuine careful approach for the guests and also a great sense for details.

Our own villa has a garden with sea view and a large king size bed. Sunsets, there are something special about them, a mysterious power, and the sunsets right here.. they are stunningly beautiful. I explore and photograph the area a little later that evening. I find them everywhere, those discreet and beautiful details. Like the ribbed wooden panel around the entire hotel’s façade, the collection of large urns and a garden design with lush vegetation that creates small secret rooms here and there.

In addition to the pool restaurant, the hotel has three restaurants, Casa Italiana, Vietnamese Salinda and the Indian Namaste that will be our first culinary experience here. And do you know what, it happened to be my best Indian dinner ever! Spicy, hot and a lovely garlic naan. The lovely feeling of dining outdoors, candle lights and the ocean’s noise in the background naturally contributed to the total experience. Even if you are not staying at the hotel, I really recommend a visit and a dinner here.

Salinda Resort has a consistent sustainable approach and the core is the idea that hospitality can be sustainable without compromising on boutique qualities and the luxurious atmosphere. The architecture and design of the resort and its surroundings have therefore been designed from a conscious eco-friendly perspective. The hotel´s architecture blend into the surroundings and is designed so that the monsoon winds can sweep through in a natural way. The exterior interacts with the vegetation and elements like the use of accoya wood, (one of the world’s most durable species), really contributes to the balance between the contemporary modern feeling and the vibrant tropical surroundings.

The resort´s multifaceted spaces make you want to stick around in this generous atmosphere. Enjoy a day by the pool, have another day at the beach. Indulge a luxury massage in the spa and spend a slow afternoon under the blossom pergola in the garden. This is exactly what we did and it was just lovely.


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