Salinda Restaurant

Salinda Restaurant - Vietnamese Cuisine
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Cuisine Type: Authentic Vietnamese | Location: Underneath Villa Area
Opening Hours:  06:30 to 16:00 
For reservation or any inquiries, please contact us via email


Even with the many outside influences, Vietnamese cuisine has retained a distinctive character through our cooks’ creative adaptation and innate skills of refinement. Though a large number of popular Vietnamese dishes translate a touch of foreign accommodation, the centuries and generations of constantly developing these dishes into the perfect blend of flavors to suit the taste, hearts and spirits of our people had shaped the now unique, exquisite and truly delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

Coming from northern mountains through central valleys and down to southern coasts, we all have extraordinary stories to tell. We combined our culinary tales by adding regional variations to the well-known dishes, bringing you a delicious blend of flavors from our hometowns.

Mixed with myriad spices, Phu Quoc seafood, premium Australian beef and seasonal produces, it gives our food that extra local touch.

Allow us to narrate you through the diversity of taste and fragrances, and together celebrate gastronomic traditions of our national cuisine – all cooked with heart by our Chef Long’s team. While taking in the pleasures of the charming outdoor terrace decorated with customized Hoi An lanterns, enjoy your night with our sophisticated dishes coming from the magnificent show-kitchen paired with some of the finest wines from our wine cellar.