Namaste India

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Traditional Indian Restaurant on Phu Quoc Island.

Cuisine Type: Indian | Location: Underneath Villa Area (near Salinda Restaurant)
Opening Day: Flexible Opening Day | Opening Hours: 18:00 – 22:00
For reservation or any inquiries, please contact us via email

The new menu below is launched from November 1st only:



From tikka prepared in a traditional tandoor oven, through delicious yellow and red curries with homemade naan bread, and finally to special Indian ice cream – kulfi, I use an authentic approach to ancient Indian recipes, the smell and taste of which evoke memories of my childhood adventures.

I hope to share this with you through my beloved dishes, so you, my dearest guest, can wholeheartedly embrace the beauty of my home cuisine.

Chef Liladhar

Feel the tradition right through your lips.

The diversity of the capital’s food forms the urbanized melting pot of different identities and is a reflection of the traditions and cuisines of people who call it their home.

This Indian restaurant’s magic is filled with this region-hopping menu, organized by traditional methods of north Indian cooking – tawa (cast-iron griddle) and tandoor (large cylindrical charcoal-fired oven). And the most consistent pleasure coming out of the tandoor ovens is machali – a moist sea bream slathered with thick yogurt and a subtle blend of roasted spices that enriches the flaky fish without overwhelming its delicate flavor.

It is hard to imagine an Indian dining experience without being exposed to its mouthwatering curries filled with warm aroma and creamy flavor, introduced by the chef from local favorites like fish madras to hole-in-the-wall classics like butter chicken curry.

Your gastronomic journey through Indian subcontinent is incomplete without intriguing one’s palate with Thali – a traditional homemade meal served on a copper platter with an array of bowls filled with Indian delicacies and accompanying sauces.

Himalayan regions were known for their special techniques of freezing various sweetened liquids and decorating them into exotic chilled desserts, and is the birthplace of the kulfi ice cream – a not to be missed Indian delight!

A passage to India

To dine at Namaste India Restaurant on Phu Quoc Island is to take an epicurean journey through India’s richly multicultural New Delhi, which includes a robust selection of seafood and vegetarian dishes.

Against a backdrop of evening gardens and candlelight, you can enjoy a romantic dinner on the outdoor terrace with hits of color and textures livening up the clean silver lines of this contemporary Indian space. Antique artwork and patterned lamp shades spice up the restaurant area, while a teal throw cushions with touches of gold makes the seating area pop.

The hand painted artwork on the wall made of silk and rice paper, depicting the local marine setting, fills the room with the touch of island flair. Inspired by the beautiful tiles of the iconic landmark, Taj Mahal, the floor design with the silver glass mosaic epitomizes the classic timelessness of white marble, adding elegance and lightness to the dining atmosphere.

Due to some beautification, Namaste will be closed from June 16 to June 30, 2019.

We hope you can enjoy other outlets at Salinda as much as Namaste