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(Salinda Spa will be closed from September 5-23)

Salinda Spa, managed by Guru Spa Thailand, is second to none with its distinctive traditional massages and Thai hospitality presented through our well-trained therapists. To achieve harmonious and ultimate relaxation, we create unique and memorable experiences that is absorbed by all five human senses: sight, smell, taste, sound and touch to stimulate and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Salinda Spa invites you on a journey of rediscovering all of your senses…


The interior design of Salinda Spa is culturally oriented in the most luxurious way, creating a balance between wooden and bronze elements with textured stones, and intriguing interplay between darkness and light transforms your spa treatment into a cultural immersion of wellness retreat and intimacy.


Awaken your sense of smell when entering Salinda Spa and experience the invigorating powers of lemongrass, jasmine and ginger in the air, inviting you to a sanctuary of blissful relaxation, while a perfectly balanced aroma of our lavender-scented towels destress and soothe your body and mind before the treatments.


A revitalizing spa signature tea is served as a refreshing welcoming drink and is fully incorporated in the treatment ritual to stimulate one of the most intimate human senses – taste. The spicy effects of ginger and natural medicinal qualities of honey help to balance your immune system by flushing out toxins.


Our treatments embody the essence of inner balance by carefully calibrating music of Reiki and natural beats not only to enhance a unique holistic experience of wellness perfection, but also to create a long-lasting restorative and purification effects on your internal balance.


The warmth of therapist’s hands in combination with the sensation of natural flooring against bare feet and the touch of skin against soft organic materials will set you on a path of harmony and rejuvenation with increased energy and spirit.