Environmental Stewardship


Our Salinda family has always believed that dreams can only be achieved if one puts their mind and body in it. This is why our sisters and brothers make sure that their minds and bodies are in harmony with nature, and that our practices lead us and the people around us towards a sustainable living. We aim to use recyclable materials and promote environmental stewardship in our daily operations.




Cocktails and smoothies are great companions on any relaxing beach trips! The Salinda family wishes to deliver those cold beverages to you while staying environmentally friendly – we use acrylic, bamboo, and stainless steel straws. These substitutes of plastic straws are completely recyclable and can be reused after thorough cleaning. In addition, Salinda is trying to reduce our usage of plastic materials by using ceramic rather than plastic bottles for shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel containers. Our goal is to become plastic-free with the help of renewable and recyclable products in the future.



Salinda is currently replacing all it’s plastic pens with new eco friendly pens! The production of these biodegradable pens is entirely entrusted to our fellow blind friends. You can help us support the visually impaired community by purchasing your very own CM Seed pen in our Salinda Boutique from November 1st 2018. P.S the cap of the pen has a seed which you can plant and grow into your own small hummingbird tree!



We know that it’s important to stay hydrated during the hot tropical climate, which is why Salinda leaves complimentary water in your rooms every day. Your refreshing drinks are served in recyclable plastic bottles which can be broken down after use and remade into other eco friendly plastic products. So when you’re done with your water, just throw the plastic bottles into the bin and our brothers and sisters will make sure to filter them out and send them to recycling companies in Ho Chi Minh City – giving the bottles a new purpose and a longer lifespan.




The bright sun and warm days are certainly key players for beach destinations, but our resort aims to further benefit from this weather in a more sustainable and mindful way. The energy which powers water heaters and boilers is generated from solar panels installed on top of our roof. The entirely renewable source of energy greatly reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and promotes that sustainable hospitality is possible.




Salinda resort pays attention to its products and materials even after the end of their useful lifespan. Some materials require special and careful disposal in order to avoid environmental damages and harm. Every year, a company which collects potentially hazardous materials, helps Salinda dispose batteries, ink, non LED light bulbs, in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. This way, we ensure that everything that comes in and out of Salinda doesn’t damage our planet.



As part of our food waste management system, we send our food leftovers to pig farms instead of sending food to landfills. Keeping waste food out of landfill would help to reduce greenhouse gases and increase recycling, as food waste contributes to the devastating problem of climate change. For many pig farmers 60-75% of their costs in rearing their animals can come from the cost of commercial feed. This increase in demand puts pressure on global food supplies, exacerbates global food price volatility, and contributes to global hunger. Therefore, feeding surplus food to pigs can be a much cheaper option for farmers.




In Salinda, our brothers and sisters believe that family is important, but we also care for the community we live in. We wish to create an environment where you could feel comfortable inside and outside of our resort, which is why we make sure that our beach and the beaches around us are pristine clean. Every month our sisters and brothers bond with each other by cleaning up trash and waste around the neighbourhood. Sometimes the rubbish we collect receives a creative second life, such as in last year’s large lobby Christmas tree, which was made entirely out of driftwood. But we don’t stop there! Each time we have guest volunteers who join us in the quest to stop land and water pollution from spoiling our beautiful island. Feel like joining our quest and making a change? Please contact Salinda Reception to check on the availability of beach clean ups!