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Cuisine: International and Local Buffet with Free Flow of Sparkling Wine

Location: Salinda Restaurant

Opening Hours: Breakfast 06:30 to 10:30

For reservation or any inquiries, please contact us via email


“Good Morning”

One early morning, as I was walking along the garden and admiring blooming mango trees that gave the landscape a beauty which can hardly be found anywhere else, I heard an obscure sound of chopping. I turned around the corner of the wooden house, which resembled a small Buddhist temple, and saw two gardeners cutting down a bunch of green bananas. They carefully placed bananas on a trolley and heroically smiled at each other while examining it. When they saw me, they tore off few fruits and handed it to me and said in a broken yet sincere English: “Tomorrow can eat, please.” I thanked them and walked to the restaurant to have my last breakfast in Salinda before going back home.

The breakfast here is where mornings have a different meaning, reminding us what breakfast on our holidays should always be.

A breakfast where the quality of the ingredients and the taste are the foundation.

A breakfast where morning sun softly touches the gardens, turning leaves to the colors of fresh avocados.

A breakfast where you feel the inviting aroma of freshly brewed Vietnamese coffee through mid-morning breeze, sweeping over the palms at the terrace.

A breakfast where you hear a light sound of the sparkling wine corks popping to celebrate a new day of your holidays as you pour fresh king orange juice for a perfect mimosa.

A breakfast where the fresh eggs are cracked to order and pancakes are fluffy on the inside and crispy on the surface.

A breakfast where you can spread tropical jams and butter on freshly baked pastries and toasted breads.

A breakfast where the sourness of Greek yogurt and crunchiness of homemade granolas are juxtaposed by the sweetness of the natural honey dripping from the Australian honey comb.

A breakfast where the blue shades of the restaurant ornaments complement the views of the ocean front, creating the sense of freedom hundreds of miles away from the cities.

A breakfast where melody coming from the white Kawai piano connects you with the soothing sound of sea waves crashing on the beach, washing your daily worries away.

A breakfast where every day you can go on a new journey through Vietnam by trying different authentic noodle soups of the country prepared in a show kitchen.

A breakfast where you can always feel adventurous but never feel homesick.

by Anonymous